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Helena Bonham Carter in The Lone Ranger, blooper reel (x)

The story of The Evil Queen

Regal Believer Appreciation weekDay Three: Favorite quote(s) + favorite scene(s)

once upon a costume
▸ young regina - we are both
Once Upon A Time’s Lana Parrilla’s EW’s Comic-Con ‘14 Star Portrait.

Q: So I want to know what has this year been like for you and how delicious has it been to play all these different sides of Regina?

Lana: It’s been awesome. So much fun. I love her arc, from where she started with this void in her heart and she was this badass evil queen. To realizing her potential to love someone… this someone… um… to fill the void.  [x]

Regina’s first and last appearances in the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke through the seasons

If you could spend the day with Regina, what would be on the itinerary? 


Regal Believer Appreciation Week 1 

Day 6: AU

His body hit a grassy floor, and the landing was much softer than he had expected. Quickly he got up, and brushed the dirt off of his jacket. Henry looked around wildly, unable to place the high pillars and plush gardens.

I don’t think I’m in Storybrooke anymore, Henry thought nervously, walking until he found a stony path.

After following the walkway, he looked up to see a massive castle, and its towers almost reached the clouds. The curved, obsidian pillars did not match the stone of the path, or the airy beauty of the gardens surrounding the dark castle’s entrance. Standing in front of an apple tree, Henry saw a woman with lengthy black waves facing an apple tree, as she picked the ripest fruit.

He approached the mysterious woman tentatively, and stopped once he knew she had heard his footsteps.

"Um, sorry to bother you," He began, shuffling his feet. "I think I’m lost."

The woman turned around, and Henry was met with the large brown eyes he had been praying to see for the past week.


Henry meets his Mom, the Evil Queen

An excerpt from my original, ongoing AU: (Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 )


The student becomes the master. - Asked by anonymous.


Their faces are one of the most entertaining things when they’re onscreen together 




Friendly reminder that all this baby wanted to do was run away with the stable boy. She didn’t care if she had a wealthy life. She just wanted to be loved, safe, and happy.

Friendly reminder that this is the same fucking smile.

Wow, indeed!!! I haven’t noticed! 45 years passed before this beautiful smile could return. Because once upon a time, soon after we saw this smile, her hopes got destroyed, her heart broke and she was left alone, devastated. :( And this time, right after this smile… oh yeah. I see some patterns. 

Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly - The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

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